Long Term Athlete Development
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Bushido club programs are completely synchronized with the philosophy and language of the national Long Term Athlete Development model adopted by Water Polo Canada. The transition to this program has been in progress since the LTAD was developed but we are taking the next steps here by using the program language to outline the intent and focus of each level and age group. Certainly, we will evolve as we grow into this new structure but that will be in line with all other top clubs in Canada so we are moving in the same direction.

LTAD was developed by Sport Canada and every national sport was asked to apply it to their programs. Our former Head Coach, Dave Hill, was part of this process nationally and was previously using sport science to guide development of our young athletes. That means a change in language within the club will not be a radical change in on-deck programming. What will change is the clarity of the division between Active For Life (A4L) programs and Competitive ones.

Everyone will see big changes in competition this year and we are hoping that the games and events in the A4L stream will grow during the season to provide a base for future years to build on. This is one area where we are leaving room to modify plans as we go since it is so new.


Program Streams


Active For Life

1.1 “Technical Foundations” – 10U, 12U, 14U

1.2 “House League” – 15-19 years old, developing athletes

1.3 “Adult League” – 15 & older, experienced athletes


2.1 “Technical Foundations” – 12U

2.2 “Competitive Foundations” – 14U

2.3 “Training to Compete” – 16U, 19U, and Provincial Team players